Why the Alphabet is so Important

The ‘f’ sound can be spelled in a variety of ways: f, ph, gh, ff, v, pf. Some of these are more mundane than others but this list is definitely not a complete list. This isn’t just limited to this one consonant sound. The ‘k’ sound can be spelled with a k, c, ch, ck, […]

The Cost of Spelling Bees

Preparing and participating in spelling bees can take numerous hours and large amounts of money throughout the years of preparation. This often is overlooked by the population that is able to participate in spelling bee’s competitively because it is a truth that they are overwhelmingly a part of higher than average socioeconomic classes. While some […]

Online Spelling Bees Pt. 2!

As a sort of followup to my last post about my thoughts on the future of spelling bees, I was able to participate in a sort of ‘Townhall’ meeting on the current status and future of spelling bees as a whole. There were a lot of good points made about what we can expect to […]

Online Spelling Bees

This is a statement that I didn’t think that I would really ever be saying other than a few mock spelling bees that I had participated and hadn’t ever gotten closure on because they died out. However, to the disappointment of many, many major spelling bees have been either outright canceled (Scripps National Spelling Bee) […]


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