Most people begin with a classroom spelling bee where the words come from the school list that Scripps provides. The words will generally come from the grade level that you are in.

The next round will be the school spelling bee. Once again, Scripps provides the school list for fourth through eighth graders. It will be very beneficial to know all of these.

The next level can either be a county-wide spelling bee, or a regional spelling bee*. The first few rounds may contain words from the school list, so make sure you remember them. After that, bees may move on to words from “Spell it!” You can go to the website:, or download the PDF. Many bees at this level may go offlist, so be ready for words you may not have seen before.

The regional spelling bees tend to begin with the Spellit list. This may go on for a couple rounds. Then, the words may go offlist. However, just stay calm, and you’ll do great!

The Scripps National Spelling is held in Washington D.C. The week that it occurs in is called “Bee Week.”

*Some county bees act as the qualifying bee for nationals, so check which bee is your qualifying bee.