The root “chalc-” has various spellings. It comes from the Greek word chalkos meaning copper. However it can mean copper, brass or bronze.

  • aurichalcite– this a mineral that consists of a basic copper zinc carbonate. It is a very pretty shade of turquoise.Image result for aurichalcite
  • chalcogen– a chalcogen is any of the four elements oxygen,sulfur, selenium, or tellurium. Chalcogens, essentially meaning “copper creator” were called as such since those four elements were found in many ores.
  • leucochalcite– this is a basic arsenate of copper that crystallized as white needles. The root “leuco-” means white. Image result for leucochalcite
  • chalkography– this is the study of opaque minerals under the microscope. This also comes from the Greek root “-graphy” meaning the writing on a certain subject.
  • orichalc/h– this is a brass rich in zinc. This was considered precious by the ancient Greek. Orichalc also contains “ori-” meaning mountain.