French Food

There are over 17000 French entries in the entire dictionary, however food words form a large portion of these words are related to food. Perhaps the most famous words are indeed French words.

bouillon (\ˈbü(l)-ˌyän, ˈb(l)-;ˈbl-yən; ˈbü-ˌyōⁿ\)- A bouillon is a broth made by slow boiling meat in a soup. This word is relation to the English word “boil” as is evident in the spelling.

Neufchatel (\¦n(y)üshə¦tel, ¦nə(r)sh-, ¦nə̄sh-\) – Neufchatel comes from a region in France where this specific cheese was  created.

bourguignonne- Bourguignonne is an adjective meaning “made in the style of Burgundy.”

abaisse (\ə-ˈbās\)- An abaisse is the lower crust of a pastry. Abaisse is also related to the word ‘abase’ since it means to lower something.

Aligote (\älēgōˈtā\ )- An Aligote is a kind of white wine also from Burgundy.


School Words

Hello Everybody! I haven’t been quite that active for a while mostly due the reason mentioned above :). So to get into the spirit of school reopening for everyone around the USA, here are some school-related words.

lycee- A lycee is a state maintained secondary school especially in France. This word does come from the Lyceum. Interestingly, the original lyceum was taught by Aristotle.

turnhalle- This word comes from German and means a school for gymnastics. Quite literally it means a hall for turning (gymastics).

archididascalos- Archididascalos is flaunting its Greek heritage with many traditionally Greek letter combinations present. “Archi”, a root meaning the highest, shows up in the word’s definition of “the chief teacher.”

calmecac- Going almost halfway around the world from the previous word, calmecac comes from Nahuatl and is a school for the sons of Aztec nobles preparing them to be chiefs and priests.

manege- A manege is a school for teaching horsemanship and comes from French.