Round 3 and Declaration of Finalists

Well, that was a maelstrom. Here are all of the spellers that are continuing on the finals tomorrow morning. Some of them are familiar names and others are new names, but all of them definitely deserve to be in the finals.


If I could summarize the Round 3 in one sentence it would be:

Dr. Bailly restarting the yanny/laurel debate, geography, portmanteaux, mythology, and phrases.

The sentences, as usual, were hilarious. There really were a lot of portmanteau words which essentially are just two or more words meshed together. For example Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) or celtuce (celery +lettuce). I personally think that celery is better than lettuce though. There were a couple phrases thrown in from the written test to the oral rounds. Mythology words appeared a tad bit in between.

However, there were slight disparities in words difficulty throughout the rounds and I personally felt that the words got harder and trickier as successive groups spelled.

Good luck to all of the spellers tomorrow!


Here are the words from the preliminaries round of Scripps. The words and vocabulary were more difficult than past years so the cutoff score may be lower than past years. However, given the number of students, it is highly likely that the cutoff will lead to a lot of tiebreaking so there may be less spellers in the morning finals. I’m personally predicting a cutoff of around 28.

Round 1 Spelling

  1. barrenness
  2. pestilential
  3. remittent
  4. pataphysics
  5. troglodyte
  6. flagellate
  7. orpiment
  8. theremin
  9. epipodiale
  10. pteridophyte
  11. bocconcini
  12. eumolpique

Round 1 Vocab

  1. insuperable- not able to surpass
  2. chockablock- crowded, filled
  3. explicit- clear explicit expression
  4. timocracy- wealth, honor, glory are the way to rule
  5. dittography- repeated letters in a word
  6. mano a mano- it literally mean hand- to hand
  7. anfractuous- going around in circles
  8. festucine- straw yellow (color)
  9. lalopathy- speech disorder
  10. apercu- brief reference
  11. ironical- peaceful
  12. reticulate- resembling a net (reticularii were gladiators that fought with nets)

Round 2 Vocab

  1. comptroller- financial officer

Round 3 Vocab

  1. timorous- nervousness. fear


Scripps 2018 pt. 1

Soooo, Bee Week is right around the corner with it officially starting this Sunday. The bee is pretty packed with a grand total of only 519 spellers. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going to happen and when.



This is on the 27th where you get to meet a bunch of spellers and you get a lot of cool goodies. The best part is getting a Bee-keeper and managing to not lose it by forgetting to trade back the bee-keeper. I once had to trace back like 10 people to figure where mine had went. I managed to get quite a substantial amount of signatures by the end of Bee Week. Maybe you might be able to get all of them 🙂

Barbecue + Opening Ceremony

The food, I have to say is amazing, but the best part is meeting new people, so, get to know some people. Try finding the mascots with the huge heads at the ballpark. There are tons of activities like face painting and spinning art. A common theme is getting a bee on your face with your speller number. The opening ceremony is very cool since you get to hear about how the spelling bee changed and evolved throughout its time as a spelling bee.


Okay, so a lot of people may be nervous for this and a bit groggy since it is a bit early in the morning, but its completely fine! You all have probably studied really hard for this and you will be alright. Everything’s going to bee alright. My advice is to drink a lot of water and make sure to use the restroom before the test begins. You want to be as normal feeling as possible. I always make sure to eat waffles right before a competiton because that’s what makes me feel good.

Round 2&3

These are the first onstage rounds, so nerves can get a bit high. Make to ask for water if you need any and have a good meal right before. This year, it has been divided in 3 sections so that the spellers don’t have to wait too long. Sometimes, you can get a bit antsy onstage so try to burn that off right before. These are the onstage elimination rounds so if you miss one word you’re out. 😦